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Using Large Art

Posted by A2018B on April 30, 2017
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Interior design requires a great amount of focus on individual appeal and style.  A large art wall piece is a great starting point for any room, whether you are seeking to re-vamp a room in a minimalist, abstract, or original style.  For anyone who is an architect, interior designer or a stager for a model home, you know that using a variety of large art wall pieces in different styles can really help make a home stand out.



Often when designing the interior of a home, a minimalistic appeal is best so not to make the art too overwhelming for the space.   Something light and not too poignant is a great choice when you are simply trying to place art and furniture in a home. The right piece in the right place can add the perfect amount of character. The image above shows off a  Marble White Print-“Phetoosh”.  This piece has a subtle undertone suitable for plain walls that is eye catching, but not too bold.  It will fit in well in most homes and most basic color pallets.

For those seeking a real eye drawing look, consider large pieces of art that come in odd numbers. For example, a pattern of three or five prints side by side. Stray away from abstract when using these patterns and stick to large bold prints with warm and inviting color and textures. By doing so, one that can really tie an entire area together and make a normally bland wall shine.

For those home owners seeking a bright, vibrant piece full of detail that becomes the focal point of any room, a more abstract piece is the way to go, and the larger the piece the better.

No matter what genre of art you are seeking, you are sure to find a delectable and appealing array of large wall art to compliment any living or office space out there.  Large art can really make a room transform from dull and mundane to dazzling and attractive just by being present.

Whether you have recently purchased, or are getting ready to sell, never hesitate to consult a professional for your art and staging needs.