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Join Alastair Birt on April 25th at New Apostolic Church on Schmon Parkway in St. Catharines for an evening of weaving beds out of milk bags.

Time: 7:30-9:30pm


Life isn’t just about work it’s also about giving back. Recently I spent an evening with an amazing group of people, believe it or not making beds for the homeless out of milk bags.  Something you would typically throw out in the recycling pile now becomes a useful new tool for making beds. It might not be memory foam but for those who sleep on the ground, newspapers or cardboard, its a welcomed gift.

I was astounded at how amazing this group of people is and how 2 hours can turn a pile of milk bags into a useful bed for someone in need.

It is an experience to remember. I will be doing it again and welcome you to join along with me or to donate your bags to this worthy cause.  If interested in participating or donating bags, please include your info below and let’s team together to make a difference.