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Keeping your Sanity in a Crazy Market

Posted by A2018B on April 30, 2017
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Are you creeping out of bed and twisting the light bulb on in the den to sneak and search the new listings at 12:01am? Don’t worry, your like a lot of other buyers out there.

It’s more than true that people, buyers in particular are getting frustrated with the rapidly changing market. If your looking for that perfect property you have to be somewhat of shark out there.

Here are some tips to consider that may help you ease the strain.

Get Pre Approved– You have likely heard or read this time and time again, and if you haven’t done it, odds are you will wish you had. Well over 50% of offers that go in these days without a pre approval just don’t make the cut.

There are buyers coming in with no conditions and of course as a seller this is much more appealing. It only takes a bit of paperwork and a bank meeting to compete with those who have already gotten pre approved and heightens your chances of landing that perfect property.

Consider Branching Out– If you have spent years dreaming about that perfect house with the adorable red door on Maple Street, and really only want to live there. Chances are, this market is going to have you feeling bogged down. Those buyers who have very narrow search areas are really feeling the strain. Consider talking to your agent about location comparisons. Perhaps there are other streets that offer what you are looking for. By doing so you broaden your search opening up many other options that can help you get ahead in this market.

Multiple Offer Pains– Not wanting to be in a bidding war? I hear it time and time again. Unfortunately, ensuring buyers aren’t is near impossible these days. Combat the strain by having a plan. Talk to your agent, and really talk to them. Figure out everything you are willing to negotiate prior to putting the offer in so they know what they are working with. You don’t want to offer up too much but you want to stay competitive and have your agent be able to work on your behalf.

Positive Mindset– This is probably the most important piece of this. If you have already lost on a property that you fell in love with, you know all too well how that can feel. If you go into the next property afraid, or worse decide to give up looking all together than you could miss out on some great opportunities.

It’s a competitive market out there for everyone but rest assured there is a property out there for you and its your agents job to keep helping you as long as it takes. Make use of them and be sure to ask questions. Watch your email for new property updates and call as soon as you find something that you are interested in.